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There are no stands posted on this website either,by the developers or individual sellers. Any stands being sold must be verified in Crowhill . It is believed that most residential stands have been sold out already  to individuals, different institutions ,and to the public by different developers in Crowhill .Most stands are  now being owned and  sold by  individual homeowners who  are reselling to willing buyers. Buying from individual resellers is to be done diligently  as there has been a lot of double allocations .

Lornhill Group (Pty)Ltd through Budget Property Group will do its best to help you to verify and buy any stand from individuals or directly from developer,no charge on you the buyer. 


Below is a sample of a normal site plan that buyers expected.

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I understand that many Crowhill Stands are now owned by different homeowners and developers. Due digency is needed and as a willing buyer i will do my best to conduct my own due diligency and background check on the stand being sold .
Budget Property Group as the area marketing and property development company will do its best in assisting me in finding a genuine stand unless i decide to exclude them from any transactions with willing seller.
If as a willing buyer i decide to buy through any other estate agents or directly from any buyer claiming to own a stand, Budget Property Group as the Area marketing agent will not be responsible for any problems and  stands disputes that may arise tomorrow.
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