Crowhill Views | Beautiful upcoming suburb on the borders of Borrowdale


Residents of Crowhill Views dream of tarred roads ,running tap water and sewage systems. Is this dream far fetched or is it possible to achieve ?

As a united community this is possible but as long as residents are divided ,this Crowhill is just going to be one of the worst failed Parallel Community development project by the year 2030. 

The first question is who will finance the development of the tarred roads in Crowhill? Is it the developer or the residents themselves ? Facts must be established.

Many buyers bought stands in Crowhill for less than the expected price of stands in areas around Borrowdale. Many paid $8 to $16 per square meter  for a stand ,depending on where the stand is and who is selling it.This is far from the $70 per square meter in an area with proper roads constructed.

Does this mean Crowhillers will pay more besides what they paid when they bought their stands? Yes ,absolutely.  Homeowners in Crowhill will pay for infrastructure development or no development at all. 

How much more are they going to pay?Whom are they going to pay ? How are those funds going to be used ? Who will monitor and evaluate spending and service delivery?What quality of roads will be done?

More will continue on this subject…………………..  

A quite neighbourhood with tarred roads and Jacaranda trees is possible


Nobody wants a bad road especially after knowing that you have paid cash for the construction of those roads. Imagine the protests of citizens for roads they paid through levies and taxes,what about for residents of Crowhill? 

An average road that Crowhill residents want to see in the making

A nightmare that no Crowhill resident wants to see after paying

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