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Building Guidelines & Construction in Crowhill Views

Building your house in Crowhill is very simple.Budget Property Group can assist or you can just follow proper building guidelines and avoid another “murambatsvina”.

Step 1: Site Plan So you have your piece of Land in crowhill views, and you want to start developing. The 1st thing you need to do is to go to the Crowhill Views Site off Situated in Crowhill Views. Here you will need to get a Site plan for your stand. This site plan will give you the Dimensions of your stand eg Length and width and total area. This site map is critical because it is needed in the next step and you cannot do without it. 

 Step 2: Building Plan When you have your site plan, we can  visit your stand , view your site map and design a house according to your specs. Below are a few Items you as a property owner need to take into account when you are dreaming about your dream house. The Minimum area for your Main House must be 240 Square Meters(this is a big house) otherwise your Plan won’t be approved. Building Lines If your Stand is 20 meters width and below 1. 9 meters front 2. 3 meters sides 3. 5 meters back If your Stand is 25 Meters width and above 1. 9 meters front 2. 5 meters sides 3. 5 meters back Bear in mind that you cannot build a permanent structure outside these building lines. No Cottage can be built on stands less than 1200 Square meters. Those stand which are 1200 m2 and above cottage size must be between 60-80 m2 in size. Temporary Structures are to be made of wood cabins, boundary wall blocks ( Durawall) and iron Sheets , with no Power connections. Temporary Structures should have a maximum of two rooms and should be located two meters from the boundary wall (Back). Septic Tanks should be constructed where they can be accessed by the waste removal trucks if the need arises. No asbestos/corrugated sheets on all permanent structures. No Farm Bricks, no SINGLE WALL for main house or cottage. Once you have this all in mind you can design your house in the proper manner.


 Step 3: Plan Approvals Once you have you plan all drawn up, you need to bring it for Approval at the site office. The cost is follows. Single Story Building: $1/m2. E.g. if your house is 240m2 you pay $240 approval fee. Double story House: $2/m2. E.g. if your house is 240m2 you pay $480 approval fee, The approval process takes roughly about 5 days or less. Step 4 Building and Stage Approval Once your Plan is approved (Hurray!) you can now start Building your structure. But not so fast, your building process must be approved in stages. Below are the stages 1. Setting out 2. Foundation trenches 3. Foundation footing 4. Box stage 5. Backfilling and compaction 6. Floor slab 7. Brick work to window level 8. Brick work to wall plate level 9. Lintel 10. Roof level 11. Plumbing

For each of the above Stages you need to call the Crowhill Views Inspector to come and inspect the work your builders have done and you pay $20/stage. If you decide to skip the inspector it’s a your own risk bearing in mind that All crowhill stands will need to pay $1800 regularization fees to the City of Harare when crowhill Views is Handed over to them.

Please verify the information provided,we are open to new inmformation updates,email for online updates

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