Crowhill Views | Beautiful upcoming suburb on the borders of Borrowdale


Crowhill has got different sections and two or three  major developers. Each developer owns their own stands but the vision to create a world class estate remains the same.

According to the media ,there are three prominent developers in Crowhill ,these are Mr Bvute of Crowhill Farm (Pty)ltd ,Mr Msipa of Cleverhills Investments(PtyLtd and Mrs Pambukani.

Mr Bvute is the main principal developer who  brought on board all other developers in Crowhill .He is the man who arranged the sale of  Crowhill Farm from the Woodhouse family. Any land disputes and court cases involving any other developers must not become social media speculation but would be announced publicly in due course.

Budget Property Group as an independent company is not exclusively working for one or any of the developers  but respects the vision of all developers , adding value to the dreams of all stakeholders .

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               “Together developing a world class estate”.

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