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Crowhill Views is a developing  residential suburb on the borders of Borrowdale , just 3km away from Borrowdale Brooke in Harare.


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*Please note: Due to double allocations and land disputes in Crowhill , additional due deligency is critical and of great importance* 

History of Crowhill

Crowhill was once a private farm owned by the Woodhouse family back in the 80`s.The farm was later sold by the Woodhouse family and converted into a residential area. In 2012, in  an attempt to accelerate affordable housing delivery ,The Government through its relevant ministry introduced “Parallel development policy”, a policy that wanted people to own houses by 2030 since many people did not own residential land due to heavy backlogs in city councils and municipalities  . 

Today ,the suburb is slowly growing and developing into an attractive suburb through the efforts and contributions of different land developers , home owners and the positive area marketing and promotions by private visionary companies like Budget Property Group.  


Prices of Crowhill Stands

Stands in Crowhill range from $8 per sqm to $16 per sqm depending on the location and type of ground .Stands on rocky areas are expected to be less than stands on non rocky areas .Distance from the main road is also another factor that determines the price of Crowhill stands.

Why are Crowhill stands so cheap?

There are other contributions you are expected to make towards the development of infrastructure.  NB: It is important to understand that if proper infrastructure was in place you were going to pay over $35 per sqm but due to  shortage of infrastructure development ,  you can pay between  $8 per sqm to $16 per sqm . Just budget  3 times the selling price that the stand is being sold for and the rest is for infrastructure contributions over a period of time.

The future of Crowhill

Crowhill ,like any other new suburb in Zimbabwe is going through different challenges like lack of proper road and water infrastructure amongst other things. 

Following a government commission on over 176 farms in Zimbabwe which were sold and  turned into residential areas ,the developers and residential associations in Crowhill are required to  to comply and follow  Justice Uchena`s recommendations .According to some interpreters ,The developers have to create a local governing bodies that can work like municipal councils to overlook development.

This means Crowhill homeowners have to unite with their relevant homeowners associations and legal developers and work towards development and compliance issues.


More than 80% of all Crowhill residential stands now belong to private homeowners.

It is always a good thing to buy your genuine stand  legally from a genuine owner, be it a private individual or public popular figure regarded by many as a land developer. But how do you know you are dealing with righful owner be it private owner or popular developer?This is where it becomes tricky.

 It is a challenge for many future buyers and current homeowners to do stand verifications in Crowhill due to several allegations and biased negative speculations and other technicalities , but there is hope. Lornhill Group (Pty)Ltd  through its property and real estate division, Budget Property Group , is trying to bring some order and transparancy to the community by partnering with all stand owners in finding solutions to all challenges in Crowhill including the problems of double allocations  and illegal selling of private stands. Solutions need trust and unity

In conclusion,there is speculation that relevant developers of different areas are sorting out all technicalities to ensure easy and credible verification so that home owners can build their houses legally ,following proper guidelines and standards.  

People are buiding beautiful mansions.Design your modern plan and start building your dream  house following the correct building guidelines.

Many people  who bought their stands are already building while others are waiting to see what happens next.We encourage those who bought their stands to verify their stands, start building or erect boundary fences including a cabin to show that the stand is already sold and is now private property.Undeveloped stands will invite  unscrupulous dealers or individuals to sell people`s stand and you will be involved in unnessessary court cases that will take you many more years to resolve.


Crowhill needs proper road construction and residents  are expected to contribute or forever wait for empty promises . After the roads are done ,Boom gates are going to be needed and very necessary for security purposes in Crowhill as the suburb will attract a lot of criminals as homeowners are building and buying new properties for their new homes.

Another idea that can add value to Crowhill Views is the development of gated communities.

Budget Property Group through its holding company,Lornhill Group  is proposing development of Lornhill Country Estate ,a gated community . Lornhill Country Estate will be developed and managed by Lornhill Group(Private) Limited,if possible , in association with local developers and homeowners who own stands and houses on the area after the round about as you go towards the Liora Estate clusters ,on your right hand side , from the main road ,all the way going up to Crowhill primary school up to the farmhouse . 



Lornhill Group(Private)Limited is an independent Procurement and Multi-services group and custodians of different brands in South Africa and Zimbabwe. The group is proposing area development through clusters ,including  construction of a community boundary wall around the residential area opposite Liora Estate ,The company and its partners will develop paved roads/driveways , sewers , install solar street lights and help homeowners build modern houses inside the gated community of Lornhill Country Estate. The entrance to Lornhill Country Estate is proposed to be opposite the Liora Estate clusters. If approved, Lornhill Country Estate will add value to Crowhill Views. For now ,the idea and vision for development of Lornhill Country Estate is an open public proposal to the developers and homeowners .If proposal is not accepted in Crowhill , Lornhill Group (Pty)Ltd Zimbabwe will buy land and develop the gated community in another part of Borrowdale .Email  or visit for more info.

In summarry

Crowhill has great potential and is suitable for people and families with a vision,people who want to invest and build modern  houses that can be easy to sell in the next coming 10-15 years.You can build any design you want,we do not limit your imaginition or dreams.All you have to do is follow proper building guidelines.We dont want another “Murambatsvina”. We invite any municipal authorities to visit our area and do any inspections any time,advising us on any issues that needs to be improved by both our developers and home owners.  

The 3 easy processes of buying stands in Crowhill


1.Buying stands in Crowhill is to be done  deligently to avoid scammers.You can buy stands from individuals who bought a long time ago but are now willing to resell, or you can buy direct from the developers if they have any stands available for sale to the public.We are working on getting developers to post any available stands  on this website . The area agency can  also help you research and find private stands being sold by resellers


2.The area agency does not own any stands but will consult with developers in the area.The area agency is independent and fair ,seeking to work with community members and  reputable developers who own several stands in different parts of Crowhill ,promoting fairness and transparency.The area agent can not work alone without the willing cooperation and input of developers ,community members and homeowners.

3.Pay directly

3.If as a buyer, you have viewed any stands being sold by any developer,private owner who is reselling a verifiable stand and you are satisfied and happy,all payments will be made directly to the developer and not the  area agency unless appointed by seller.If the stand is being sold by a reseller,do extra due deligency before paying your hard earned money. Crowhill developers and the area agency will not be held  responsible for any losses.

Every Crowhill resident,investor ,developer and relevant stakeholder has a role to play.If you are not part of the solution, then you become part of the problem.Let us all play our part and develop Crowhill into the estate we dream about. 

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Disclaimer: This community website was initiated by Budget Property Group ,an independent property development company and neighborhood marketing partner not exclusively working for any developer but seeks to work with any developers in Crowhill. All information provided is for neighborhood marketing purposes .All stands for sale and other related information must be verified and information to be updated regularly to avoid misleading or  being  biased towards or against any  developer or members of the community. Let us all unite and make Crowhill a better place. Together we can build a world class estate. Your contributions and feed back are welcome. We hope you will love Crowhill and what we doing to promote this new suburb.

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